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This Student Photojournalist Made Sustainability His Art

His art that portrays environmental issues in the everyday life has won our hearts, including UNESCO. One of our Panda

Lifestyle Sustainability

Want to Live More Sustainably? Our Earth Hour Attendees Share Tips

“It’s 2019. It’s cool to care.” – Preetipls 40,000 people came together during the largest three-day festival for nature in

Lifestyle Sustainability

We Are Pushing Nature to the Corner. This Maze Shows You How

Can art be the answer to saving the planet? Earlier this month, an art installation called Plastikophobia by artists Von


Why the Haze Could Be Much Worse Than It Is Now

One step ahead. Dry eyes, itchy throat, incoming fever. Is the haze back? If you have been following, the latest


Collaring Wild Elephants to Save Their Lives

Collaring the giant creature gives us a definitive answer to saving the last wild elephants. We welcomed the new year

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Why You Can’t Miss Earth Hour 2019

For goodness sake, it’s not about saving electricity. It’s that time of the year where we will countdown together across


Rare Sumatran Tiger Found Near a Human Settlement: What Does It Mean?

A renewed sense of hope. We were saddened by the weekend news: a beloved rare female Sumatran tiger Melati died

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Are CNY Food and Snacks Ruining the Planet More Than Your Waistline?

Forget calorie counting. Most of us look forward to Chinese New Year for its intensive rounds of spring cleaning (can

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No Shark Fin in CNY Menu? No Problem! Restaurants Share Positive Reactions

Are we FIN-ished yet? We started the year with a question Member of Parliament Louis Ng posed on our Prime

Business Sustainability

Singapore Zoo, Hilton Hotels, Pastamania and More Say ”I Do” to Plastic Reduction

This is what real love for Singapore looks like. You heard it on the news everyday: stranded whales found with