WWF Insider: Are We Doing Enough to Protect Wildlife?

A minute a day to save wildlife

The next 1 minute will tell you if the world is doing enough for our wildlife.

A snow leopard cub.
© David Lawson / WWF-UK

You probably don’t know this but every day this week, the fates of endangered wildlife will be decided.

Here, our bite-sized pictorial updates about wildlife as we take you through the 70th CITES Standing Committee (1-5 Oct) which also leads up to London Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference (11-12 Oct).

CITES, or the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, is supported by the United Nations.

Countries are making big decisions on wildlife right now

CITES aims to end wildlife trafficking through an international treaty and local laws.
© Michèle Dépraz / WWF
Today, up to 183 countries and their leaders will be deciding how much protection our wildlife need from illegal traffickers.
© Michèle Dépraz / WWF

Prince William is an advocate

Championed by Prince William himself, the London Conference brings global leaders together for action on illegal wildlife trade. 

Wildlife trafficking is driving animals to extinction  

Tons of ivory and animal parts are still illegally poached for fashion, decor and money. 
© Jamie Cotten / IFAW / WWF-US
Harrison, a wildlife ranger from the Kenya Wildlife Service, patrols National Nairobi Park to protect wildlife from poachers. “Rhino horns belong to rhinos; elephant tusks belong to elephants,” he said.
There is less than 2000 wild elephants left in Myanmar.
© Julia Thiemann / WWF-Germany
Endangered wildlife species need our protection.
© WWF / Green Renaissance
A shop selling elephant ivory amulets and trinkets in Bangkok, Thailand. Poaching by illegal wildlife traffickers is driving animals such as rhinos, elephants and tigers to extinction.
© WWF / James Morgan

Shutting down of priority market targets by 2020

Mid-last year, WWF-Myanmar conducted trainings for rangers from Elephant Emergency Response Units around the country.
4 shops in Don Sao Market in the Golden Triangle was successfully shut down on July 27, 2018.
©WWF-Greater Mekong

Read more: A Step Closer: 4 Golden Triangle Shops in Asia Closed

Stay tuned to this space for more 1-min updates on global developments in wildlife protection.

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