The world is on the brink of losing wild tigers. A century ago there were over 100,000 wild tigers; today there are as few as 3,900 wild tigers in the world. This shocking population decline is caused by rampant poaching and rapid habitat loss – threats that wild tigers continue to face today.

To save wild tigers, we must protect them where they belong: in the wild.

Together with Tiger Beer, we collaborated with KENZO and four emerging artists for a limited edition Rare Stripes collection, inspired by stories of real tigers.

Watch it here:


Meet Esther Goh from Singapore

Singaporean artist, Esther Goh, is one of the artists involved in the collaboration. Her design is inspired by wild tigers, Krishna and UpornyHere’s what she told us about her experience.

“I feel that tigers are individuals. They have feelings. And they have such distinct personalities just like us. I hope that through my artworks, people would feel a connection to them and realise how fragile their species is.”

What were you doing before you found your true calling as an artist?

From a young age, I have always wanted to be an artist and art was one of the subjects I enjoyed the most in school.

What techniques, methods and styles do you employ to make your art?
While I did some acrylic and watercolour painting in school, digital is the medium I am most familiar with. I draw in Photoshop and use textures and textured brushes to add depth. At the same time, I’m also obsessed with making animated illustration gifs.

When you think of wild tigers, what comes to mind?
Probably the zoo, because that’s the only place we would get to see a live tiger here and it’s sad because despite their home range being so large we keep them in captivity.

Were you shocked to find out the numbers of tigers in the wild are so low?
Knowing the actual numbers is sobering. Having worked on this brief, I realise that even after human intervention, not all tigers survive in the wild and it just means we should do even more to protect them.

Why do you want to be part of the solution to help save them?
Because it’s the least I can do as an artist. If we’re not on the ground doing conservation and research work, with huge brands like Kenzo, Tiger Beer and WWF, through our art we get to reach out and educate the general public because awareness is key, beginning with rejecting products of illegal tiger trades and poaching.

Did you ever think your creativity could be used in this way?
It’s my dream project really and it would be amazing to contribute to a great cause through this artist collaboration!

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