Netflix Originals We Love (& Waiting to Watch)!

The holiday season is coming… Plus, I ain’t got time for binge-watchin’, said no one ever.

On top of sharing our list of Netflix series we thought worth watching this holiday, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the streaming giant on an all-original series called Our Planet on April 5, 2019.

Grab your popcorns, cosy up, and scroll below: 

1.Okja (2017)

What the movie is about: The narrative centres around a village girl named Mija who raised a gentle, genetically-modified beast aka Okja all her life. 10 years later, a giant corporation wants to claim her back (read: killing her) for profit. Also, Okja is reportedly the biggest, healthiest, strongest, of her kind — all the more attractive to fetch a higher commercial value in the market. Along with other animal activists, fearless Mija is dead focused on getting her friend back, including risking her life.

Yup guys, bring out the tissues. 

2.Our Planet (duh!)

What the series is about:  50 countries (including Singapore!), 600 crew members, 3,500 filming days, one incredible partnership. This is where you’ll get to see Our Planet — literally in all its beautiful and vulnerable forms. WWF partners with Silverback Films (they made Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Blue Planet for BBC) to produce an eight-part series, portraying the planet’s most endangered species and landscaped habitats across continents around the world. Employing the latest 4k camera technology, sit tight as the film reveals incredible unseen sights on Earth think remote Arctic wilderness and diverse jungles in South America. 

Voiced by broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet took four years to produce, filmed in 50 countries. 
© Conor McDonnell

Now for the first time in 12,000 years we must face an unstable and unpredictable planet at exactly the time we are placing our greatest demands on it. We can still stabilise our planet once more. But there’s not much time. It will require significant global cooperation on issues like population growth, climate change and the management of our oceans,” quotes Sir David Attenborough’s at the State of the Planet Address in London, Nov 8, 2018.

This is #OurPlanet.

3. Dogs (2018)

What the series is about: Six true stories of unconditional love around the world. A best friend, a rescuer, a caretaker, a son, a breadwinner, a hero. See a dog’s 2000-mile journey through war-torn Syria to find his owner, how a service dog brings hope to a teen with epilepsy, and how one adventure-going dog won the heart of a beautiful lakeside town in Northern Italy.


4. The Traffickers (2016)

What the series is about: British journalist Nelufar Hedayat (she reportedly fled from war-torn Afghanistan with her mother when she was six years old) travelled across 22 countries and spent 14 months exposing the dark, dangerous global black-market trade. Not for the faint-hearted, each episode uncovers illicit businesses of traffickers around the world —from endangered species and human organs to fake pharmaceuticals and guns.

If this doesn’t tug your heart, we are not sure what will. 

5. The Ivory Game (2016)

What the series is about: Poaching of ivory is still rampant around the world today. Environmentalists and activities are fighting against time to #stopthetrade, as wild African elephants move closer extinction. Exposing criminal syndicates and corrupt global illegal wildlife trade activities, filmmakers went on a 16-month investigative work documenting the global crisis. The series is executively produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. Rotten (2018)

What the series is about: The food you have on your fridge now, from honey to milk to fish, they might not be as healthy (and transparent with you) as you think they are. The six-part series delves deep into the underworld food production to reveal dangerous eating habits, corruption and waste. The honey you add to sweeten your tea? It might actually be cheap syrup.  

7. Sustainable (2016) 

What the series is about: A hopeful story on building a sustainable food movement. Climate change, pesticides, loss of soil. The film explores complications and issues rising from economic and environmental instability by way of a narrative revolving around the life of an American farmer Marty Travis.

Watch how he spearheaded the sustainable food movement in Chicago for his son — and future generations to come — after witnessing his land and community fall trap into the clutches of the giant agricultural businesses.

Love reading this? Read more about our top 10 endangered species in Singapore and how planet-friendly is your favourite hawker food.

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