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Endangered Species

I Shadowed a ‘Turtle Guardian’ on Duty. Then, a Shocking Surprise.

My mission: to secure as many turtle eggs in one night before the poachers do. The first-ever field trip I


I Work for the Environment. Watching the World Burn Is the New Normal.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know we are in a self-destructive mess. It was the transboundary haze

Lifestyle Sustainability

10 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are going to impress someone this festive season, please know that sustainable is the new sexy.  Are you


How Did 10 Riau Villages Thrice the Size of Singapore “Escape” the Forest Fires?

Just so you know, it was 99.9% hard work and a pinch of luck.  When the severe haze reached our


Timeline: Riau Forest Fire the Size of Tampines & Bedok Combined Was Burning

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for three weeks. So have the forests in Indonesia. It happened during one of

Endangered Species

Where Wild Elephants and Thai Farmers Are Forced to Be Neighbours

A deadly outcome. Picture having a new nightmare neighbour who has just moved in next door. Would you avoid, confront


A Shocking Surprise in Sabah’s Restored Forest

A slight twist in the outcome of our restoration work to restore Bornean orangutan populations. But we didn’t mind. Enter

Business Sustainability

Timeline: Transforming the Business Industry in 18 Months

A breakdown of how we helped transform the business landscape in Singapore to reduce plastic use. Starting 1 July 2019,

Endangered Species

Ex Poacher No Longer Eats and Sells Illegal Turtle Eggs After 20 Years

He could earn up to $240 in one night for selling 800 eggs. There are only two sides to a

Lifestyle Sustainability

How to Maximise Your PH in 24 Hours: Otters, Our Planet, Artscience Museum

If you are thinking of staying in bed all day, think again. It’s a pity it’s not a long weekend.